[ALREADY HELD] Hip Anatomy & Yin Yoga Workshop

17 March 2019 | Sunday | 10am - 12.15pm at CT HUB 2, Gepz Studio (#10-73)

Mobility and integrity of the hip joints play an essential role in many yoga poses. When the hips are not moving well, undue stress tends to occur at the spine, knees and ankles. This workshop aims to guide yoga students on how to practice hip opening poses of Yin Yoga safely by understanding the basics of hip anatomy.  At the workshop, you will learn about the hip joint anatomy (overview) and how range of motion is determined by individual bone shape and orientation. You will also learn how to practise yoga safely by understanding where restriction lies, functional versus aesthetic approach to alignment and the guiding principles of Yin Yoga. The workshop starts with a 1-hour lecture on hip anatomy, with a short break followed by a 1-hour practice of yin yoga focusing on hip opening poses.

About the workshop

Bryan Ng

Bryan Ng is an Osteopathic physician experienced in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal pain and injuries. He is also a certified yoga instructor, having trained with A.G. Mohan and Sarah Powers. He runs his own private practice, The PainFree Clinic, at Novena Medical Center.

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[ALREADY HELD ON 9 DEC 2018] Mindfulness Meditation & Yin Yoga Workshop

9 December 2018 | Sunday | 10am - 12.30pm at CT HUB 2, Gepz Studio (#10-73) | $65 per participant

Mindfulness Meditation and Yin Yoga share a common approach to explore and experience the whole body, regardless of physical condition or level of fitness. With regular personal practice, we will develop deeper awareness and sensitivity to our bodies, working at limits of what we can do at any given moment. Expect to learn and experience practical aspects of self-care techniques at this workshop. We will share about the basics, benefits and science about Mindfulness Meditation and Yin Yoga, as well as teach popular and restorative techniques to improve awareness of our mind and body, and to unwind tensions held in the body.Jensen Ong (The Be.Live Practice) and Tan Cheen Chong (nowyourmind) will jointly lead this 2.5hr workshop.

[ALREADY HELD ON 14 OCT] Yin Yoga with Myofascial Release Workshop

14 October 2018 | Sunday | 10am - 12.30pm at CT HUB 2, Gepz Studio (#10-73) [No more places available. Please contact us at for details and be placed on the wait list]

Fascia is a network of connective tissue that surrounds and includes your muscles – like scaffolding throughout your whole body. While the fibres of your body are supposed to slide easily over one another during movement, that’s not always exactly how it happens. Injuries or even simple repetitive actions such as hunching over computers can cause areas of tissues to thickened and inflamed, tugging on our fascial network. The fascia at these areas of constrictions starts to dehydrate, solidify which may result in restriction to body movement, strain and eventually pain. 

In this 2.5-hour workshop, The Be.Live Practice Lead Teacher Jensen Ong will use a mix of theoretical concepts and practical hands-on sessions to introduce fascia and new ways of unravelling deeply held tensions in this connective tissue which greatly impacts our mobility. There will be plenty of practical, hands-on opportunities where Jensen will also share different release techniques coupled with Yin yoga principles and the use of myofascial release therapy balls and props. Workshop Fee : $65 per participant (with notes provided). Mats, blocks & other props will be provided during the practice.

What is Fascia?

What you can expect from the workshop

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