In search of balance with Yin Yoga

Dane Lim (left) and Jensen Ong (right) founded The Be.Live Practice to introduce a more sustainable approach to health and fitness in Singapore. As the only studio specialising Yin Yoga in Singapore, the practice is beneficial to experienced yoga practitioners, those who exercise regularly, yoga beginners or people who may be recovering from a medical or physical condition. Yin Yoga allows everyone to practise at his or her own pace, even in a class setting. The poses are deceptively simple but when held for a period of time, can offer a good stretch and work our deeper body tissues. Yin Yoga offers a balance to other forms of yoga and exercise and for beginners, a great way to start a yoga journey.

Jensen Ong has over 12 years of yoga experience. He is a 200-hours Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher having studied under a list of globally renowned yoga luminaries including Kate Greer, Peter Crowley, Kate O’Donnell and Richmond Dickson with Open Hearts Yoga School in Boston, Massachusetts. Jensen continued to study with Jason Crandall on Vinyasa flow sequencing. With an interest in body anatomy, he completed a 50hr Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Christine Toong where he picked up alignment techniques to reduce muscular tension and discomfort for his students.

Jensen has also completed a 50hr Mindfulness Yin Yoga (正念阴瑜伽) Teacher Training with Chris Su where he dwelled deeply into the practice and teaching of mindfulness meditation within the disciplines of Yin Yoga.  Jensen also continue to deepen his knowledge with renowned Yin yoga teachers such as Bernie Clark and Sarah Powers. 

Jensen Ong, Lead Teacher of The Be.Live Practice

Yingkai stumbled onto yoga accidentally 10 years ago, as a frazzled office worker in a bank hoping to find a non-competitive activity to destress. What surprised him from the practice was the strength that he gained and a deep sense of peace and contentment after each practice. According to Yingkai, he believes a yoga class is about "holding a space for the practitioner to gain deeper insight on facing life's challenges - when do we hold on and when do we let go?"  He feels that Yoga should be more accessible to people who needs it the most. He is actively involved in sharing the Yoga practice through kindness projects for communities like the migrant workers in Singapore.

Yingkai has completed a 200hr Flow Yoga Instructor training with Nick Heng at Fitness First (2012), 100hr Yin Yoga Instructor training with Jo Phee at True Yoga (2013) and most recently, a 100hr Yin Yoga Instructor training with Stanley Lim at Pure Yoga (2018). Yingkai has over 5 years of teaching experience.

Chen Yingkai, Yoga Teacher at The Be.Live Practice

Formally trained as a Physiotherapist, Max's passion lies in the implementation of optimal alignment in the practice of Yoga Asanas. His work in Singapore and Tasmania has given him the privilege to be exposed to clients from a broad spectrum of lifestyles, cultures, professions and body types. This has allowed Max to understand that every individual has different needs, abilities and potentials, so he does not believe in a one-size-fits-all type of practice. Applying this knowledge and experience to Yoga, Max seeks to enable his students to find their own optimal alignment for their asana practice through the guidance of gentle cues and adjustments during each class. One can expect a slower-paced, but a more directed and deliberate practice aimed at helping the practitioner to establish a firm foundation, upon which a strong practice can eventually evolve.

Max Teong, Yoga Teacher at The Be.Live Practice

Lillian Chen, Yoga Teacher at The Be.Live Practice

Through a recurring lower back issue, Lillian stumbled upon yoga and with a curious mind, she began to explore the body’s innate abilities, and eventually healed herself. Fascinated with this new perspective, her journey continued onto Qigong, Structural Integration and Chinese medicine.  Lillian has completed a 500-hour Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training, and further studied with Sebastian Murielle and Jo Phee on various yin yoga modalities. Eager to propagate the transformational practice, one can expect Lillian’s class to be exploratory and nurturing, a haven to unravel your own wellness path of healing.  Off the mat, Lillian continues to be a dedicated student of TCM and spatial medicine, as both resonate deeply with her, that the harmony of body-mind-spirit is the key to equanimity.

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