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What to expect in a Yin Yoga Class

Yin Yoga is practised sitting or lying on the floor. There are no planks, no warriors, no core work. No dynamic sun salutations. No standing poses. You can expect forward bends with legs together or apart, lunges and gentle backbends – poses that are commonly practised in dynamic yoga classes. What makes Yin Yoga unique from other forms of 'yang' yoga is that these poses are held for a longer period of time - which in turn helps to increase flexibility in that part of the body. Instead of holding for five breaths, as in an ashtanga vinyasa class, in a yin class they could be held for between two and 20 minutes (although five is more usual). In other Yoga classes, Sanskrit names are used for poses. Yin Yoga keeps the names simple and descriptive (in English). In a typical Yin Yoga class, you may encounter poses such as butterfly, swan, dragon and twisted roots.The overall pace is slow and is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

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