What can I expect in a Yin Yoga class?

At first glance, a Yin Yoga class may seem 'slow'. Indeed, each pose could be held for between 2 and 20 minutes. Yin Yoga is practised sitting or lying on the floor. As you hold still and 'marinate' in each pose, you begin to experience a wonderful sensation of a 'juicy stretch'. Read more here >

How is Yin Yoga different from other forms of Yoga?

We get this question from even experienced yoga practitioners. Yin Yoga can offer a balance for those already with a regular fitness or yoga routine. Yin Yoga is also a great way to be introduced into the world of yoga, as the overall pace is slow and allows beginners to 'get into the pose'. Yin Yoga is also beneficial to those who may be recovering from a medical or physical condition. Read more here >

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